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Why you need our eco yoga mat in your workout arsenal! A great write-up about our mats by Aussie yogi Ash Constance...

Posted by Andrea Vidal on

A few weeks back we posted a pic on our FB and Instagram of yoga teacher Ash Constance using one of our mats. After this Ash dropped us a line - she had this to say about our mats and we were so chuffed to hear it that we thought we'd share it with you: "Being a yoga specialist & teaching predominantly in a hot room, I have tried countless brands of yoga mats, and have never really come across anything so amazing. Being antibacterial and surprisingly, odour free, I would highly recommend this mat to all the yogis out there - whatever type of yoga you choose to practice, these mats will make it an unforgettable experience, day in and day out!" Thanks Ash!

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