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A really lovely testimonial about our mats, from the owner of Bikram Yoga Tullamarine!

Posted by Andrea Vidal on

Over the years we've developed a close relationship with Bikram Yoga Tullamarine. Months before they opened their doors (they're now 2 years old) the soon-to-be owner of the studio, Anne Marie Riego, contacted us about our mats. We've been on-board with them ever since and really enjoy our 'pop-by' mat deliveries which turn into hour long conversations! Here's what Anne Marie recently had to say about our mats....

"BYT has stocked Pure Practice mats since we opened two years ago. They sell so well and the students love the concept of its biodegradability, non toxic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities to them. We also use them as our studio hire mats and the odour has not been a problem since day one. We are happy customers as are our students. Andrea, the owner is also so accessible and easy to talk to. We are really excited for her to develop other products so that we can stock more of Andrea's brand. So grateful that we stock Pure Practice - very kind to the environment as well as on the nose with all the sweat it catches! Love Bikram Yoga Tullamarine x "


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