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What are our yoga mats made from - Part 2!

Posted by Andrea Vidal on

As we touched on last week, our yoga mats are made from PER. The majority of yoga mats worldwide are made from PVC. They are both types of plastics, but light years apart when it comes to eco-consciousness.

PVC is cheap, which is why over 95% of the yoga mats worldwide are made from PVC. In general, PVC isn’t considered environmentally friendly. It seeps toxins into landfill, with those same toxins released as a by-product during the manufacturing process. PVC doesn’t biodegrade, so if you unearth a PVC yoga mat after decades of burial in landfill, it will still look the same. PVC is also really difficult to recycle - as a result, in Australia less than 1% of PVC is recycled.

PER on the other hand is free from toxins and carcinogens and capable of several recycling cycles. PER is biodegradable - when in landfill our PER yoga mats biodegrade within 17 months. All of these factors make it clear why PER is currently recognised as the likely replacement of PVC, and why PER is considered the next generation choice for environmentally friendly yoga mats.

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