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Want to get rid of the funk in your yoga studio or gym? Want to stop the spread of germs through unhygienic yoga mats? Want to offer your clients an ecofriendly yoga mat and towel? Contact us at for access to wholesale yoga mats and other yoga supplies.

Create a Healthier Yoga Studio and Gym

Your clients leave a little of themselves behind every time they practice. Skin cells, sweat, bacteria and fungi – all passed from your clients to your mats, from your mats to your floors, from one person to another. This proliferation of germs causes athlete’s foot and other skin irritations and is the cause of the unpleasant odours that can plague studios and gyms.

With Pure Practice’s innovative range of antibacterial and antifungal yoga products, you can take a significant step towards eliminating unpleasant odours and creating a healthier environment in your studio or gym.

All Pure Practice products use a safe, non-toxic antimicrobial treatment and are independently certified (Certifications IBRG Tier Textile Method and ISO 22196:2011) to stop bad odours and aid in the prevention of bacterial and fungal growth:

The Pure Mat™: a durable, high quality, antibacterial mat that prevents the cross-contamination of skin infections such as athlete's foot. This is an anti-odour mat - it smells fresher for longer, meaning less frequent replacement and overall cost savings to you. This mat is also ecofriendly as it is recyclable, decomposable and toxin-free.

The Pure Towel™: an antibacterial towel that inhibits the growth of germs and bad odours. Super soft and super absorbent, this towel is made from split microfiber – the more you sweat, the more the towel grips. This towel is also ecofriendly – made from 56% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. 10 recycled plastic bottles go into the making of each towel – produced in accordance with the Global Recycling Standard.


    • 32% margin (yoga mat)

    • 28% margin (yoga towel)

    • Minimum 6 yoga mats per order

    • No minimum order on towels

    • You buy the product outright and retail it from your studio / gym direct to your clients

    • Clients can grab items and go


    Contact us at for our wholesale rates


    • 20% margin (yoga mat)

    • 16% margin (yoga towel)

    • We ship the product direct from us to your client so you don’t need to carry stock

    • Perfect for small studios/gyms, personal trainers, influencers

    • No minimums per order, no outlay of funds on your part

    • We will send you a unique coupon code for your business. This coupon code gives your clients 15% off their purchase 

    • You then promote this offer to your clients via your e-newsletters, Instagram and Facebook

    • Every time a client uses your unique code, we see this on our end and on the 1st of each month will organise payment to you of the previous month’s commission


    Contact us at for your business’s free unique coupon code

Partner with pure practice

Pure Practice partners with yoga studios and gyms to supply our unique range of products to their clients.

Our wholesale partners can order our mats and other yoga supplies in bulk and at wholesale rates.

Becoming a Pure Practice partner is an opportunity to increase the earning potential of your studio or gym and connect to a company that is committed to developing unique products that fill a gap in the market. Learn more about the Pure Practice philosophy and the science behind the products.

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