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Anti-Funk Wash

Protects yoga clothing & gym wear from permanent bad odours. Extends the life of clothes.

100 ml

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The Problem

The sweat you work up in a hot yoga class or at the gym is beneficial to you, but not to your clothes. That funky smell that you can’t get out of your yoga clothing or gym gear is caused by bacteria which, over time, settle into clothes and create bad odours that are impossible to remove.

The Solution

Anti-Funk Wash is an antibacterial laundry liquid that is proven to prevent bacteria and bad odours from embedding into clothes. No matter how sweaty the workout, your clothes are protected from permanent bad odours. Anti-Funk Wash also extends the life of clothing by preserving fabric elasticity and performance.

Prevents Permanent Odours

Over time, bacteria settles into clothes and create bad odours that are impossible to remove. Anti-Funk Wash is an antibacterial laundry liquid that keeps your clothes hygienic and stops permanent bad odours.

Extends the Life of Your Clothes

Bacteria discolour clothing and accelerate fabric breakdown. By eliminating bacteria and preventing permanent bad odours, Anti-Funk Wash extends the life of your yoga wear and gym wear.

Keeps Your Clothes Hygienic

Anti-Funk Wash is a safe and non-toxic antibacterial laundry liquid that prevents odours and bacteria from embedding into fabric. Your yoga clothing and exercise wear stay hygienic and free from permanent bad odours.

Safe to Use on All Clothes

Anti-Funk Wash is gentle on the skin and safe to use on all fabrics, whites and colours.

Environmentally Friendly

When doing a load of laundry, Anti-Funk Wash is simply added to the Softener compartment of your washing machine, requiring no additional laundering steps. Effective in cold and hot water, using Anti-Funk Wash means that you get to wash at energy-saving low temperatures but with the reassurance that your clothes will come out hygienic.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Anti-Funk Wash extends the life of your yoga clothing and exercise wear, reducing the costs associated with the continual replacement of expensive clothing.

Scientifically Tested & Certified

Anti-Funk Wash has been independently tested to certify its effectiveness in the prevention of odours and bacterial and fungal growth. 99.9% of odour and infection causing bacteria and fungi are eliminated.

Using the Anti-Funk Wash

Anti-Funk Wash is added to your washing machine when you do a load of laundry.

For a standard sized washing machine: Put detergent in as usual. Do not use fabric softener. Shake Anti-Funk Wash bottle well and mix 50mls Anti-Funk Wash with 50mls warm water. Put this mixture into your washing machine’s softener compartment, remembering to keep it separate from the detergent. Start the washing machine as per normal. When finished, hang or tumble dry your clothing as per normal.

One treatment protects your clothing for 6 to 8 washes, after which treatment must be repeated.