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The Clean Mat Spray

For use on non-Pure Practice mats: an antibacterial & antifungal yoga mat cleaner that keeps your mat germ-free and smelling fresh.

100 ml

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The Problem

Every time you practice, bacteria and fungi come into contact with your mat. These germs settle into your mat, making it unhygienic and smelly. Washing your yoga mat in a washing machine, or wiping it down with tea-tree oil/vinegar-based sprays, does not kill germs or effectively remove bad odours.

The Solution

The Clean Mat Spray is a yoga mat cleaner that works - proven to stamp out bacteria and fungi and keep your mat hygienic and smelling fresh. Suitable for use on all types of yoga mats, The Clean Mat Spray does not contain any harmful chemicals and is safe on your skin. It works immediately and extends the life of your mat.

Keeps Your Mat Hygienic

The Clean Mat Spray stops bacterial and fungal growth. It protects your mat from germs and ends the transfer of irritating bacteria from your mat, to your skin.

Neutralises Bad Odours

Bacteria create the bad odour found on yoga mats. The Clean Mat Spray is an antibacterial spray - it stops bad odours by eliminating the bacteria.

Extends the Life of Your Mat

Bacteria discolour and accelerate the breakdown of yoga mats. By eliminating bacteria, The Clean Mat Spray extends the life of your mat.

Safe & Gentle

This yoga mat spray is safe on your skin and will not stain clothing. It does not contain harsh chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly

Based on natural silver salt made from recycled silver, The Clean Mat Spray is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. By extending the life of yoga mats, this yoga mat spray results in fewer discarded mats, lessening the burden on landfill.

Affordable & Cost Effective

One bottle of The Clean Mat Spray provides months of antibacterial and anti-odour protection and reduces the costs associated with continual yoga mat replacement.

Scientifically Tested & Certified

The Clean Mat Spray has been independently tested to certify its effectiveness in the prevention of odours and bacterial and fungal growth. 99.9% of odour and infection causing bacteria and fungi are eliminated.

How to clean a Yoga Mat with The Clean Mat Spray

For best results treat your mat weekly.
Wipe the surface of your mat with water and a clean damp cloth to remove any dirt. Shake The Clean Mat Spray well. Spray directly onto your mat ensuring a light, even coverage over surface and edges. Allow to air dry. Repeat on other side.