• I absolutely adore the Pure Practice yoga mats! Being a yoga specialist and teaching predominantly in a hot room, I have tried countless brands of yoga mats, and have never really come across anything so amazing. Being antibacterial and surprisingly, odour free, I would highly recommend this mat to all the yogis out there - whatever type of yoga you choose to practice, these mats will make it an unforgettable experience, day in and day out!

    Ash Constance

    Yoga teacher & Writer, VIC

  • After 2 years of hot yoga use & heavy traffic, our Pure Practice mats are still odour free & in great condition. We follow the maintenance guidelines & have modified the mats with rings punched into the corners for hanging on racks which hasn’t compromised the material in any way.  The mats have lived up to expectations & the company's service stands-out with thoughtful heart warming touches.

    Jacki Walker

    Owner, House of Prana, TAS

  • BYT has stocked Pure Practice mats since we opened two years ago. They sell so well and the students love the concept of its biodegradability, non toxic, anti fungal and anti-bacterial qualities to them. We also use them as our studio hire mats and the odour has not been a problem since day one. We are happy customers, as are our students. Andrea the owner, is also so accessible and easy to talk to. We are really excited for her to develop other products so that we can stock more of Andrea's brand. So grateful that we stock Pure Practice - very kind to the environment as well as on the nose with all the sweat it catches!

    Anne Marie Riego

    Owner, Bikram Yoga Tullamarine, VIC

  • We are proud to stock Pure Practice mats at Bikram Yoga Kingston. We love being able to offer a hygienic, biodegradable, eco-friendly product to our clients that is better for everyone’s health, our studio, and for the planet. In addition, awesome mats aside, we really appreciate the professional customer service that Pure Practice provides.

    Zoe Hewett

    Owner, Bikram Yoga Kingston, ACT

  • I practice hot yoga 3- times a week & my old towel was causing pressure sores on the tops of my feet from friction. Since using the Pure Practice yoga towel my feet have completely healed, the towels are so soft, even when sweaty.

    Crystal Leigh-Eizele

    Hot yoga student, TAS

  • I've found that using The Pure Mat mat is saving me a lot of time because I don't have to wash it in the washing machine to keep it clean- I had to do that with previous mats and they took days to dry. I've been using my mat throughout my Bikram 30 day challenge and considering how much I'm using it, it's really great to know that it's still clean, even after daily or twice daily use. I also like the elastic strap that wraps around the mat when I roll it up :)

    Sappho Hatzis


  • What a great mat! The only mats we hire out and retail in the studio are the Pure Practice mats. They really are odourless. They are quick and easy to clean and they dry fast, making the regular cleaning of them a far less daunting task. They have been a hit with the students too.

    Clare Lubrano di Diego

    Owner, Yoga Peninsula, VIC

  • The only thing that has really put me off yoga in the past are the mats, they deteriorate and start to smell. Hygiene is important to all of us in our homes, so it shouldn't be compromised elsewhere. The Pure Mat comes with me to all my classes. It's biodegradable too, which is so important when sustainability is the number one issue facing us today.

    Chantal Nobel


  • The mats have been great hire mats. They are durable and non-smelling.

    Melanie Shannos

    Owner, Hot Yoga Doncaster, VIC

  • I use my Pure Practice mat religiously for pilates and yoga. I really don’t know how I ever used another mat – it's comfortable, easy to take care of and most importantly doesn’t start to smell after a few sweaty yoga classes.

    Carmen de Souza


  • The towels are soooo nice -
    so pretty and soft. I also love the fact they're made from recycled plastic

    Amrei Marden

    Technical Director, Australasian Yoga Sports Federation

  • Returning to yoga in a post-covid world is easier with this towel. I love that it's antibacterial - makes me worry less about picking up germs from the studio's mats.

    Alix Forsyth


  • I have been training on my mat from you now the last 2+ years and love it! Holds up great, nice and sticky and no smell.

    Nick Brosnan

    Global Marketing Coordinator, Polygiene Sweden