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" We love being able to offer a hygienic, biodegradable, ecofriendly yoga mat to our clients that’s better for everyone’s health, our studio and the planet. Awesome mats! "

Zoe Hewett Owner, Bikram Yoga Kingston, Canberra

Yoga Mat

Amplify your practice with The Pure Mat™

Made from biodegradable foam and infused with antibacterial silver, this hygienic mat inhibits the growth of germs and odours

  • Eliminates bacteria, mould and fungi by a proven 99.99%

  • Odour resistant

  • Biodegradable and compostable

  • Non-toxic: no phthalates, heavy metals or dioxins

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Say goodbye to smelly and unhygienic yoga towels with The Pure Towel™

Made with recycled plastic bottles and infused with antibacterial silver, this super absorbent towel is like nothing you’ve seen before

  • Eliminates bacteria, mould and fungi by a proven 99.8%

  • May help alleviate skin conditions triggered by bacteria or fungus (i.e acne, tinea, dermatitis)

  • Odour resistant

  • Super soft, lightweight towel with sweat activated grip

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Did you know that bacteria can thrive on yoga mats and towels?

These germs can remain active for days, multiplying at an astounding rate. A yoga mat can have up to 1 trillion bacteria growing on it

  • Infected mats and towels are unhygienic

  • They have a persistent bad smell

  • Germs can transfer to skin

  • Bacteria shortens product life


Our range of yoga mats and towels prohibits the growth of bacteria and other microbes

Our antibacterial and antifungal treatment is thorough and permanent – it continues to help keep our products hygienic and odour resistant

  • Independently certified to kill 99% of germs

  • Stops transfer of unwelcome bacteria to skin

  • Stops bad smells

  • Extends product life



The Pure Mat™ & The Pure Towel™

Together in one complete kit. Bundle products and save. Free shipping.

  • Yoga teacher

    “I absolutely adore the Pure Practice mats! Being a yoga specialist and teaching predominantly in a hot room, I have tried countless brands of yoga mats and have never really come across a mat so amazing”

    Ash Constance

    Middle Park, VIC

  • Studio Owner

    “After 2 years of hot yoga use and heavy traffic, our Pure Practice mats are still odour free and in great condition. The mats have lived up to expectations and the company’s service is standout”

    Jacki Walker

    House of Prana, TAS

  • Yoga champion

    “The towels are soooo nice – so pretty and soft. I also love the fact they’re made from recycled plastic bottles”

    Amrei Marden

    Former judge, Yoga Sports Federation

  • Pilates Student

    “The only thing that’s put me off exercise in the past are the horrible smelling mats. Hygiene is important to us at home so it shouldn’t be compromised elsewhere. The Pure Mat comes with me to all my classes”

    Chantal Nobel

    Melbourne, VIC

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