How to choose the right hot yoga mats and towels

How to choose the right hot yoga mats and towels

Ever wondered why your yoga mat smells? Ever experienced skin rashes from an old, sweaty towel? Or maybe even slid on your mat during a hot yoga practice? Then you probably haven’t got the right yoga mat or yoga towel!

There’s nothing worse than attending a hot yoga session and suddenly finding yourself distracted by the issues that can occur when using the wrong gear. Choosing the right hot yoga mats and yoga towels is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable hot yoga experience.

This blog post walks through how to choose the right hot yoga mats and towels.

Why choosing the right hot yoga mats and towels matters
Some Australian yoga mats and towels are made of materials that are not suitable for hot yoga. These can cause issues such as:

  • Absorbing liquids: Yoga mats are either open-celled or closed-celled. If the mat is open-celled, this means that the mat absorbs moisture and sweat. Natural rubber, PU topped yoga mats and cork yoga mats are open-celled. Closed-cell mats don’t allow moisture to get inside. PER, PVC and EVA yoga mats are closed-cell.
  • Bacteria: Sweat and moisture create a breeding ground for bacteria. When used in hot rooms, yoga mats and towels often suffer from high bacterial and fungal growth. You can’t see the bacteria, but it will have a nasty, funky smell.
  • Skin irritations: The bacteria can also, in worst cases, cause skin irritations, such as acne, dermatitis and even athlete’s foot.
  • Not able to withstand the heat: Depending on the material, some yoga mats can begin to melt in the heat of a hot yoga session.

These conditions are all something to be aware of, as they can significantly impact your experience and comfort.

Worst hot yoga mat materials
One of the key takeaways to choosing the right hot yoga mat is to choose one that can withstand the heat in a hot yoga room. There are three different temperature settings in hot yoga:

  • Bikram yoga is held in a 40-degree room
  • Power vinyasa in a 35-degree room
  • General hot yoga in a 27-degree room

Yoga mats made of natural rubber, can melt when in heat and are problematic to take into the hot yoga room because they can stick to the floors. The natural rubber also disintegrates in prolonged direct sunlight. Yoga mats topped with PU (polyurethane) also become sticky in the heat. Yoga mats made of TPE flake and crumble in heat.

Safe to say, the materials used in yoga mats matter! So, what’s the best option?

Best yoga mats Australia
The best Australian yoga mats are made of the material PER (Polymer Environmental Resin).

There are multiple reasons for this:

  • PER can withstand heat, all the way up to the heat of a Bikram yoga class.
  • PER is bio-degradable, recyclable and non-toxic.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hot yoga mat The Pure Mat™ is made of 100% PER.

Approved by REACH, The Pure Mat™ is a closed-cell mat that is non-allergic, latex-free, and certified free from toxic phthalates, dioxins, lead, and heavy metals.

The mat also meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and is infused with antibacterial silver, which inhibits the growth of germs and odours. These features make it the best choice for even the hottest yoga sessions.

Weighing in at just under 1 kg, The Pure Mat™ is also easy to transport to and from class, or store away at the gym or yoga studio.

The perfect hot yoga towel
When doing hot yoga, it’s just as important to invest in a suitable towel for this kind of practice. Choosing the right hot yoga towel can soak up all your sweat and prevent skin issues and wet, funky smells!

The Pure Towel™ is a new, innovative microfiber towel that’s odour resistant and certified antibacterial and antifungal.

Many yoga-lovers consider this the most important feature when choosing a hot yoga towel, as it can aid in alleviating skin issues triggered by bacteria and fungus (i.e., acne, athlete’s foot, and dermatitis).
The Pure Towel kills 99.8% of bacteria, stopping the transfer of bacteria and fungus from the towel to your skin.
It’s super absorbent, making it great for sweaty yoga sessions. It absorbs moisture and sweat while maintaining a steady hand and feet grip on the towel. Even when wet, the towel remains soft!
Made of 56% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, this is also a very sustainable choice.

Pairing The Pure Mat™ with The Pure Towel™ will ensure your next hot yoga session will be completely smooth, enjoyable and toxic-free!

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