Are yoga mats recyclable?

Are yoga mats recyclable?

If you’re into mind-body workouts and belong to the eco-conscience group of consumers in Australia, you’ve probably asked yourself “are yoga mats recyclable?”

Whether you’re an owner of a yoga studio or gym, or like to roll out of bed to do your morning stretches, yoga mats have become a staple in many homes and businesses.

Yet most yoga mats are not repurposed at the end of their life.

When purchasing a yoga mat we should ask ourselves, what choice can we make that’s more eco-friendly?

This blog post walks through the recyclability of Australian yoga mats, what it means and how it’s possible to get your hands on a greener one.

What does recyclable mean?

Recyclable means using raw materials that you can reuse or upcycle to create new products.

While some Australian companies take a more sustainable approach to raw materials, local councils often refuse to accept yoga mats for recycling purposes—one of the main reasons being what the yoga mat is actually made out of.

Nowadays, it’s still up to every company and its consumers to find ways to bring home and dispose of more eco-friendly products.

How do I know if Australian yoga mats are eco-friendly?

To understand the recyclability of yoga mats, you need to look at what materials they’re made of.

Most yoga mats are made of sometimes toxic and environmentally harmful plastic materials like PVC, TPE, NBR, and EVA.

While some of these plastics can be recycled in theory, toxic dyes or flame retardants in these plastics make it in reality almost impossible for recycling plants to process them.

Therefore a lot of yoga mats made from plastic end up in landfill. Understandably, this is of major concern to consumers.

You can produce yoga mats with more sustainable raw materials such as natural rubber, Jute, Cork, and PER.

The solution is to look for biodegradable products, meaning that they are capable of decomposing by living organisms and, as such, avoid polluting the earth.

So, what should you, as a consumer or gym/studio owner, look for when buying a yoga mat?

Eco-friendly yoga mats Australia

We can conclude that most yoga mats are non-recyclable, therefore leaving us with one option - to choose a biodegradable product.

One of the newest inventions in the yoga mat world is using a material called PER (Polymer Environmental Resin). This material is bio-degradable, recyclable, and non-toxic. Furthermore, when it gets to landfill, PER is compostable.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, The Pure Mat™ by Pure Practice® is made from biodegradable PER.

Approved by REACH (the globally recognised standard safeguarding human and environmental health), The Pure Mat™ is non-allergic, latex-free, and certified free from toxic phthalates, dioxins, lead and heavy metals.

As a one of its kind, The Pure Mat™ also meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and has inbuilt antibacterial protection that inhibits the growth of germs and odours – all while still being compostable.

Years of research and care has been taken into producing The Pure Mat™. This is not only to be more mindful of our beautiful land but also to ensure less toxicity in your home or business.

In this way, if one day, after years and years of happy use, your Pure Mat™ ends up in landfill, you don’t have to worry about any harmful pollution, as it will naturally decompose over time.

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