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About Us

Our philosophy: Yoga gear with a difference.

"My designs are considerate of the challenges that people face in maintaining a consistent yoga practice. They are intended to motivate, support and accompany you on your journey towards good health." - Andrea Vidal, Founder

Pure Practice creates yoga gear that encourages you to enjoy your practice more. Our gear acknowledges and embraces the real-life challenges of daily yoga practice- the sweaty, smelly, slippery side of the art of balance. 


Put simply, we believe that when you enjoy your practice more, you'll practice more. And through this, a consistent yoga practice, you'll live a life of good health.

About Andrea Vidal: Founder, Pure Practice

I have keenly followed Bikram yoga for 4 years and the practice has become, for me, one of listening, determination and commitment. Bikram has improved both my physical and mental strength, with these positive changes in turn strengthening other areas of my life.

I remember clearly stepping into my first Bikram yoga class.

I remember the heat - which at the start I found oppressive but over time began to appreciate. I also remember the funky smell! I noticed the studios would try to clean their mats, usually using tea-tree oil and water, but that despite these efforts the mats still smelled bad.

I also noticed the girls around me churning through expensive yoga clothes, throwing them out monthly because no matter how much they washed them, they couldn’t get the bad smell out.

Basically what I saw around me was a lot of wastage – wastage of people’s energy, time and money.

Seeing all of this inspired me to start Pure Practice and to create products that solve the problems I observed.