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Hot Yoga Towel

Super soft and super absorbent, this antibacterial towel attaches to your mat and features ‘NoSkid’ sweat activated grip – the more you sweat the better the grip.

183cm x 61cm

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The Problem

Your yoga towel moves around on your mat as much as you do, constantly bunching up. It’s rough, slippery and doesn’t offer a comfortable foundation to practice on. Instead of concentrating on your practice you spend half your class focused on adjusting your towel.

The Solution

Enhance your practice with this innovative, high performance hot yoga towel. Sleeves on the underside attach the towel to your mat so no matter how much you move, the towel stays flat and smooth. Designed to withstand heavy perspiration, this microfibre towel is the ultimate in sweat management, holding 7x its weight in water.

Sweat Activated Grip

Towel becomes slip-resistant when damp. In other words, the more you sweat, the more the towel grips!

Luxurious Feel

Crafted from butter-soft fabric, this premium towel features a blissful suede-like texture on both sides.

'NoSkid Split Microfibre Technology

Delivers optimized sweat absorption, evaporation and wet grip. Ultra lightweight, this towel outperforms ordinary cotton or polyester towels.

Tested Durability

Machine washable 500 times or more, our towels can be used daily. Double stitching strengthens the towel, while tightly woven fibres ensure the towel won’t wear thin.

Attaches to Your Mat

Innovative sleeves on the underside secure the towel to your mat, producing a non-slip towel that won’t bunch up.

Antibacterial for Maximum Hygiene

A germ-free towel that resists bad odours. Each towel is treated with antibacterial technology which protects the towel from the smelly, unwelcome growth of bacteria, fungi and mould. 

Environmentally Friendly

Our towel’s rich, vibrant colours are created free of AZO, lead and heavy metal dyes.

Caring for Hot Yoga Towel

To Use: Place towel on top of your yoga mat with sleeves facing down. Make sure that the towel is centred over your mat. Starting at one end, pull back the towel to reveal the sleeve and tuck the end of your yoga mat into the sleeve. Repeat at the other end. Use your hands to smooth out any small ripples and your towel is ready for class! This towel can also be used without the aid of the sleeves by simply laying the towel over your mat.

To Wash: Wash the towel separately before using. Machine wash cold with like colours. Tumble dry on low or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. It is possible for shrinking to occur if washed in warm water and/or dried on a high heat.